4 Lessons from the World’s Greatest Consultant!

If you are anything like me, there is a consultant hiding behind every door. I often feel as if I have traveled back in time…only to discover I am on the set of Let’s Make A Deal, and behind every door is another consultant armed with all of the answers to my problems.

If any of you are in the business of hiring people, you meet and greet lots of folks throughout the year. Some of them you hire and some of them you don’t. Some are early and some are late. Some are dressed appropriately and some are not. It can get very mundane very quickly and when you finally find the right person you are mentally and physically exhausted.

Last month 69,000 jobs were added in the United States. Or to say it a different way, 69,000 consultants were hired.  You are heard me correctly… A NEW EMPLOYEE IS THE BEST CONSULTANT EVER!

Why would I say something like that?  New employees are one of the most undervalued pieces within most organizations, yet they have the freshest eyes.

4 Important Takeaways

1)  The “onboarding” process needs to include a two week review of the company.  This will allow you an opportunity to understand what customers and new employees see.

2)  The cost of hiring a new employee is great.  Asking the new person for suggestions early will make them feel good, and give you great information about how you can improve.

3)  Follow up with each new employee after ninety days to ask if the job was what they expected.  Find out how you and your team could have better prepared them. (Key information for future hires.)

4)  You made the decision to hire them.  Shouldn’t you assume they could add value?

Fresh eyes are an amazing resource.  Utilize them and join the club of hiring  another of the world’s greatest consultants.


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